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Cliff Engel is a bass guitarist who has been playing electric bass in all styles of music since 1987 with a primary emphasis on solo bass guitar and contemporary jazz. Cliff earned a bachelor of arts degree from Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas. As an instructor of technique, theory, and improvisation, Cliff has taught his methods to thousands of bassists around the world through his books, courses, live video lessons, private lessons, and bass lessons by correspondence program.

Cliff Engel Cliff has authored two books for bass players including Contemporary Lessons For Bass Guitar & Acoustic Bass - The Essential Guide To Music Theory, Sight Reading, Jazz Bass Lines & Soloing (Volumes I & II - 2020) and Contemporary Techniques For Bass Guitar - The Basics & Beyond (Volumes I & II - 2020).

In addition to developing a series of books for bass guitar and acoustic upright bass, Cliff has designed six bass courses including Contemporary Techniques - The Basics & Beyond For Bass Guitar (2013), Jazz Improvisation For Bass Guitar & Acoustic Bass (2012), Sight Reading For Bass Guitar & Acoustic Bass (2012), Music Theory For Bass - Essential Concepts For Bass Guitar & Acoustic Bass (2011), Soloing Techniques For Bass Guitar & Acoustic Bass (2010), and Jazz Bass Lines - Contemporary Concepts For Bass Guitar & Acoustic Bass (2009).

In 1997, Cliff founded the International Institute of Bassists (IIB) at The IIB was dedicated to the advancement of contemporary bass performance and the study of the bass tradition. As the editor of the IIB and a freelance writer for over 20 years, Cliff interviewed many of the world's leading bassists. He also wrote promotional press for dozens of music manufacturers and bassists which was featured in a variety of print and online resources including magazines, instructional books, DVDs, CDs, product brochures, and on artist/manufacturer websites.

Cliff has been performing contemporary music for unaccompanied electric bass guitar for many years. He has been a featured performer on bass guitar and acoustic upright bass in numerous ensembles including regional jazz duos, trios, quartets, quintets, fusion bands, rock bands, funk bands, big bands, R&B bands, country bands, musicals, choirs, churches, and orchestras.

"Purple Haze" (2001)

"Awesome performance, Cliff! You play it much better than I do! You are making great strides as a player and it's a pleasure to hear the wonderful balance of chops, groove, and sensitivity in your music. Keep up the good work!"

Michael Manring - August 2001

"Mr. Pastorius" (2001)

Cliff Engel's Institute Of Bass

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