Cliff Engel's Institute Of Bass

Student Testimonials

Below you will find a collection of testimonials which have been submitted by students who have studied with me through my bass courses, live video lessons, private lessons, and bass lessons by correspondence program.

"I'm always looking for ways to make information about music theory more understandable and applicable to my playing. Even though I had a pretty good understanding of modes and their uses for improvisation under my belt, I was immediately struck by the design of Cliff's program because it was very comprehensive and well organized. It really was a pleasure to work through. By including tips on productive practicing, play-along audio tracks, and encouragement to create melodies with each of the modes, my understanding of how to use that material deepened tremendously. Thanks for giving us bassists an effective resource through which to learn new material and further strengthen our command of the instrument!" - Jeff Schmidt, California (Winner of the 2005 Bass Extremes International Solo Bass Competition)

"I think the best and most genuine bass instructor I have come across, that is actually affordable and gives you written material, is Cliff Engel. I had a lesson with him that lasted 3 hours! It was incredible. Plus, he sent me pages and pages of material that were relevant to the lesson. Before, I was paying $60-$80 an hour for a lesson with great players but mediocre instructors who just aren't as into teaching as Cliff. Go for Cliff, he's incredible and he's super knowledgable, and you can tell that he is very passionate about the bass." - Adam Prado, Live Video Lessons Student, California

"Your online bass courses are awesome. No method book of any kind can compete with them. I wish I would have known about your web site a long time ago. I found it by mistake, and it was the best mistake I have ever made!" - Jason Cherry, Sight Reading For Bass Student, Texas

"I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your music theory course. You put everything in simple enough terms and break it down into sections that even a novice like me can understand it. Thank you for offering these classes at such an affordable price. It was exactly what I was looking for." - Mike Fortune, Music Theory For Bass Student, Illinois

"Jazz Bass Lines is THE COURSE if you're serious about learning how to build walking bass lines. Don't let the affordable price deceive you. Cliff's course is a step-by-step guide. The material is wisely organized and follows a logical sequence. What you learn is what you apply right away, and it sounds great! Cliff teaches you what to study and most importantly how to study it. He always answers questions in less than 24 hours and there is a fabulous chat session every Monday night so you can share questions, answers, and talk about bass with Cliff and other students. Thanks a lot Cliff for this incredible and life-lasting learning experience!" - Javier Arcos, Jazz Bass Lines Student, Mexico

"I want to say how truly impressed I've been with this course of study. I've taken other online bass instruction but nothing as comprehensive and professionally assembled as this. This provides me with a strong foundation in walking jazz bass lines as I continue my musical journey. I will certainly recommend your course to other lowenders." - Darwin Cadogan, Jazz Bass Lines Student, Virginia

"I think I started lessons with you right before I went to Iraq and resumed when I got back in early 2009 so it's been a few years since my first lesson, and then last year I signed up for your "Jazz Bass Lines" course. I have not stopped practicing or playing but have gone through some other methods and instruction in the meantime. I even took a Skype lesson with Carol Kaye. I wanted to tell you that after being exposed to your lessons and then branching out to study on my own through books by authors such as Sher and Aebersold along with other teachers including some very notable jazz musicians and in some cases spending up to $150 an hour, I have never encountered or learned anything new that was not introduced to me at some point in the lessons I received from you. I think we all develop in our own style and at our own pace, but that doesn't mean there isn't a more expedient and efficient way to go about pursuing that development. Any bass player who is not taking advantage of your instruction and your rates is doing themselves a huge disservice. You can easily rack up hundreds and hundreds of dollars on books and education, and I couldn't find anything that wasn't covered in one of our lessons at some point. I found a handful of books and resources that I'll hold onto, but I sold most of the books I had after going through them because there wasn't anything of use to me in them. I still have all of your materials in sheet protectors in binders with way more exercises than the other books ever covered." - Micah Stott, Jazz Bass Lines Student, Arizona

"Your courses are the most comprehensive I've ever seen. Anyone who truly wants to study bass at a university music school level should look to your certification program. Plus the value is incredible. I'll never be able to thank you enough for the work you've done putting this program together. I have to tell you how absolutely delighted I was with the Sight Reading For Bass course. I really enjoyed the course and learned more each week than I could possibly have imagined. I really think it was way more than a sight reading course. It was a complete and comprehensive music theory course. The course was perfect for me and could not have come at a better time. I was a serious student for about a year but was progressing too slowly. I was taking lessons by Skype with an excellent instructor who is a professional session bassist, and your course material was a perfect compliment. I also have to tell you that your course may be the best value I have ever seen. What I received in the first week was worth more than the $25 you charged me for the whole course, and I truly thank you. Many thanks for putting together such a first-rate, well presented, and content-rich course." - David Galante, Sight Reading For Bass Student, Texas

"Thank you so much for producing this series of courses for bass guitar and acoustic bass. I can't recall which I have worked so hard, learned so much, or had as much fun. I have found your material to be clear, to the point, and of the absolute highest quality. I can only begin to express how much I appreciate your efforts and willingness to make this available." - Peter Lenz, Jazz Bass Lines Student, Michigan

"I just wanted to say thank you for such a great course. It is wonderful. The material and exercises are just awesome and to the point. I have purchased so many books in the past, but your course and the way you explain things is the most comprehensive and practical of all. Thank you very much!" Mario Abad, Jazz Bass Lines Student, Texas

"I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for what has been an invaluable course. I'm a person who thrives on structure and regimens, and the way you slowly release the course and give practice advice is really great. Not to mention, you respond to e-mails quickly and thoroughly! So, $25 is a steal for your courses. Just within the first couple days of the program, I had already learned the notes on all five strings up to the sixth fret and could identify them within a second. That knowledge combined with my increased knowledge of the intervals presented has allowed me to see music in a whole different way. It's like drawing back a curtain. Wish I had gotten serious sooner! Thanks again Cliff!" - Adam Valls, Music Theory For Bass Student, Texas

"I would like to thank you for all the hard work that goes into these lessons. I've taken the Music Theory For Bass course, and I'm still diligently working on internalizing all the lessons. I also became a subscriber to your website, and the wealth of knowledge just keeps flowing. I've been playing only two years and recently joined a metal and a jazz group. Neither one can believe I've only been playing for two years. They've played with guys with 20 years experience that don't know what I know about music and composition, and I believe it's because of your in-depth lessons. Thanks for your time and keep rocking the bottom end." - Trevor Scott, Music Theory For Bass Student, Montana

"I'm getting a ton out of the sight reading course and am actually feeling like I can read music! Your dedication to your courses is really helping me stay on track. Your lessons are ridiculously inexpensive, and you are doing a great service to bass players everywhere." - Jason Hegel, Sight Reading For Bass Student, Washington

"The Soloing Techniques course I bought is just over the top. My playing and approach have both changed forever. I think that just one thank you is not enough. As soon as I finish this course, I am going to enroll in the full program to receive certification." - George Vorres, Soloing Techniques Student, United Kingdom

"I really can't thank you enough for the work you put into your courses. I've subscribed to a few different ones from other websites. I completed your Contemporary Techniques and Music Theory courses and looked forward to your materials every week. They improved my playing tremendously, and I continue to refer back to your materials daily to find stuff I may have missed the first time around. Needless to say, I'm never short of material to work on in the shed. Thanks a million for being a profound resource for musicians around the world!" - William Hehir, Contemporary Techniques Student, New York

"I enjoyed working through the lessons and found them extremely thorough. I'm using the lessons to guide daily practice sessions, and they have been a tremendous help. By going back to the basics, I'm steadily sharpening skills I thought I had mastered already." - Keeler Russell, Contemporary Techniques Student, Washington

"I spent several years of applying, auditioning, and being accepted to several long-term in-residence bass curricula, but I could never seem to find the dedicated time to attend. Then, I found Cliff's website while surfing the internet for an online correspondence course and what a fortunate "accident" that turned out to be. While at the very outset I was somewhat skeptical of the quality, comprehensiveness, and applicability of any online music course, I became a complete convert after only the first lesson. Following a brief Q&A so he could determine where I was with my playing, Cliff was able to tailor a course that fit my needs perfectly. The pacing of each lesson was right on the mark, and the session-specific course materials were easy to understand and complimented each tutorial perfectly. I wish I had found his capability years ago. I highly recommend Cliff's course to any bassist who wants to improve their music theory and technical abilities." - Wayne Purser, Georgia

"After scouring the internet for teachers and online classes that offer instruction in jazz improvisation, I finally stumbled upon Cliff's website. I am pretty picky about who I study with since I already have a degree in music and have studied jazz bass at the local conservatory and jazz improvisation with Adam Nitti. I contacted Cliff to see if he could help me with improvisation, walking bassline construction, and sight treading. He wrote back with an outline of concepts I had never even heard about. After I received my first lesson, I found that Cliff took the concept of correspondence lessons to the next level. Each lesson came with a personalized audio track that was recorded specifically for me, and sometimes those recordings lasted for over an hour. The lesson material could be easily printed out and organized in binders. There were also MP3 examples of important points in the lessons or simply chordal tracks that I could practice improvising over, and all of this material was easily accessible through Cliff's website. 10 lessons after we started, I had three large binders full of lesson material that was well organized for quick review when I needed it. My schedule changed quite often and sometimes I didn't have the time for a heavy lesson load, but Cliff was always willing to tweak my lessons to allow us to continue to work together through busy times. He has always been easy to stay in touch with via e-mail no matter how busy things have been. The fact that he can offer all of this for such a low price amazes me. I am also a bass instructor, and I couldn't do it so well for so little. If you are considering trying some lessons with Cliff, I can guarantee that your money will go far." - Mike Shaw, Massachusetts

"I played bass as a kid and played in a few bands, but I never took lessons. Years later, I decided to play bass as a way to relax and enjoy music again. I had tried a couple local bass instructors, but the lessons never got interesting. I felt like a guinea pig that they were trying out materials on. While surfing the internet, I discovered Cliff's website and decided to try his correspondence lessons. I am so glad I contacted Cliff because his lessons covered all the essentials I needed. While at the same time, I received things I enjoyed and wanted to play. His materials were very real world. I not only learned new skills, but the lessons were presented in a way that made the material easy to start incorporating into the music I play. Plus, Cliff's materials were professionally notated, not just scribbled out on pages. He included audio files of examples, play-alongs, and an audio explanation of each lesson. The other thing that was great about Cliff's lessons was that I had more contact and feedback from him than I would get during a weekly lesson with an instructor at a music store or someone's house. If I had any questions, I could e-mail him and get an answer without waiting until the next lesson. I was concerned about taking music lessons online, but they were far better than my previous in-person lessons. I really enjoyed my lessons with Cliff and highly recommend checking out his lessons to anyone looking for bass instruction." - Steve Barnette, California

"I teach bass in southwest Florida, but I have always struggled with sight reading as a player. While I studied with Cliff, sight reading was my main point of interest, but there were several other areas we studied including fingerstyle funk and improvisation. After discussing which areas I wanted to study, Cliff took the reigns and started sending lessons. The audio tracks where Cliff went through the lesson material was completely thorough and at a totally understandable rate. The concepts that I learned opened up new doors in my playing and my studying. Cliff improved my playing many fold. I am able to read music much better than I ever had before, and that really helps in teaching my own lessons as well. He answered any questions that I had surprisingly fast. He also gave me many ideas for my own teaching. You can't beat the price of Cliff's lessons. I charge $30 per lesson. My lessons are good, but Cliff's lessons were much more involved. I get kids from ages 9-18 to enjoy playing the bass, to learn some basic theory and musicianship, but basically to learn the function of the bass and get those little fingers wiggling and the kids smiling. Cliff offers something different than that. His course of study is for serious musicians who really want to learn the electric bass guitar, music theory, and more from a killer player and patient teacher. Plus, with having kids, Cliff's lessons worked out perfectly for my schedule because I could practice and study at night after the baby went to bed." - Kyle French, Florida

"I had been talking about learning to play bass for years. My wife tired of all of the "talk" and bought me a bass for Christmas. I came upon Cliff's website while surfing the internet, and after reading his biography and testimonials from some of his students, I decided to inquire about his correspondence lessons. I e-mailed Cliff and he responded immediately. When I received my first lesson, I was pleasantly surprised because there was so much material. Cliff's lessons covered everything. He even included play-along MP3 tracks for me to practice with. The best part about it was that Cliff was always readily accessible, as if we were located in the came city. Cliff bent over backwards to ensure all of my questions and uncertainties were answered. He even provided live chat sessions for more personal interaction. I highly recommend you take a look at what he has to offer." - Al English, Maryland

"It was encouraging to see such professionalism and commitment displayed through all the time and effort Cliff placed in each of the lessons he sent me. I once took one lesson from a well-known New York City studio session ace, and while he is a wonderful musician, he was a demeaning and arrogant instructor. I have studied with some wonderful players and great teachers, but Cliff is the best instructor I have ever had. I will be chewing the cud of the lessons for a long time to come." - Edward Coiro, New York

"Cliff's lesson material is far superior to anything I have previously received in lessons from anyone. In just a few weeks, I could clearly see great improvement in my playing as could those around me. The lessons are challenging, but my abilities improved at a rate I did not believe possible." - Yonah Wahrhaftig, New York

"I found Cliff's lessons to be very helpful in learning the fundamentals of bass playing. The material was always very well organized and explained. I was able to pick up new ideas and concepts from each lesson, and the amount of practice material was phenomenal. If Cliff can help me play better, Cliff can help anyone!" - Darrell Adams, North Carolina

"After several failed attempts at finding a good bass teacher in my area, I decided to just "fly solo" for awhile. Although I did make progress during this time, I had little to no structure in my learning material. This definitely hampered my progress as a bass player. I heard about Cliff Engel's bass lessons by correspondence program, and I inquired about it. Cliff replied almost instantaneously and told me more about the lessons. In just a couple months, I really made serious progress as a bass player. The lessons provided challenging material in a structured manner. The audio clips were extremely well done, and it really felt like Cliff was in the same room as me. Cliff's correspondence lessons were the next best thing to having a personal one-on-one bass teacher, and for a lot of people, they are better. You are taking lessons with a seasoned bass player and educator, and not many people have that option in their local neighborhood." - Ross Macdonald, United Arab Emirates

"I attended the "One Week Intensive" at Jeff Berlin's Player's School of Music in March of 2003. Upon leaving the Player's School, I had a direction to go with my playing but needed to find a good teacher I could study with to provide the coaching and the more advanced material I was seeking. One of the concepts Jeff Berlin stressed was the importance of finding an instructor to study with who knows "the right stuff" to teach. In my search for such an instructor, I found Cliff Engel and his bass lessons by correspondence program. After a year of lessons, I can say that Cliff not only knows what to teach but how to teach it. The program was first class. The content, pacing, and support with each lesson were excellent, and the flexibility of the correspondence format was ideal for my busy lifestyle. You will be hard-pressed to find Cliff's knowledge, dedication, and the quality of his bass lessons by correspondence program anywhere else, either in private or online." - Tim Sedgwick, Washington

"After spending quite some time practicing on my own and going through some decent bass method books, I felt a tremendous lack of direction. Most of these methods seemed to be either very advanced or very basic. Therefore, I wasn't sure if I was practicing the right things in the right way. After starting lessons with Cliff, everything became a lot clearer for me. My improvement was noticeable by me and also the other musicians I was playing with. The lessons were well explained and presented. They covered everything I felt I needed from advice on how to practice and use time effectively to topics like improvisation, jazz theory, technique, groove, bassline construction, and sight reading. I could always send a quick e-mail if I had any doubts and received answers by the next day. Cliff got me headed on the right path. If you are serious about improving your bass playing and musicianship, look no further. Cliff is the man!" - Ismael Sanchez, United Kingdom

"Before studying with Cliff, I had played bass for 15 years and was self-taught. I had a limited understanding of music theory. I knew how to play and what to play, but I wanted to know why I was able to play the notes I was playing. I also wanted to expand the style of music I felt comfortable playing. Cliff helped me get to where I wanted to be. Cliff's lessons were well organized in manageable portions which made it easy to digest. After only a few lessons, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my playing and my understanding of music and bass. Cliff's lessons are well worth the price of admission. Having a family, my time was limited. Cliff's lessons allowed me to practice and learn when I had the time. If I had any questions, a quick e-mail response was always there to help." - Joe Chisek, Pennsylvania

"I had only been playing bass for about a year before I found myself stagnant and not knowing the next step to take. I was enjoying the instrument, but none of the books I found seemed to help. I was intrigued by the prospect of online lessons. The material that Cliff sent the very first lesson sparked a fire to learn more. He helped me develop a practice program that included all aspects of playing and learning from rhythm and reading studies to in-depth theory and actual playing. All the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. The MP3 files to play along with and practice ear training with were excellent. I can't wait until he publishes his material in book format. Although, nothing can replace the two-way communication along with Cliff's knowledge and expertise as an instructor in his correspondence lessons." - Anthony Gutierrez, Missouri

"I started playing bass after about 10 years experience with guitar, and I was looking to take bass lessons in addition to my guitar lessons. I happened upon Cliff's website. His lessons by correspondence looked good, but I wasn't sure what to expect because I had never had anything but one-on-one lessons before. Well, I'm glad I tried it out because his lessons met and far exceeded my expectations. The amount and quality of material he provided for one lesson was awesome. I have had many music teachers over the years and none of them have been able to provide the kind of direction Cliff did with each lesson. I studied with Cliff for over two years, and my only regret is that I didn't start taking lessons with him years ago!" - Nick Carothers, Pennsylvania

"Cliff Engel's method works! After wandering aimlessly for years looking for proper bass and music instruction, I stumbled upon Cliff's website. Thanks to him, I am now a much better musician. His method was very well designed and exceeded all of my expectations. As a full-time university student, I didn't have time to waste and his method allowed me to make my own schedule and set my own goals. If you feel hesitant about joining his correspondence lesson program, don't be. Jump right in because you won't regret it!" - Eduardo Lopes, Portugal

"I can't explain how much forward momentum Cliff's lessons gave me. They really spurred me on to try new things. I may never be a great bass player, but I'm certainly so much better than I was before I started his lesson program. I also get so much more enjoyment out of my playing. The area that developed really well was the ability to read and play almost any chord I found in music without really having to think about it. Before lessons, a lot of the chords found in jazz music used to send me looking them up in books, but now that's a rare event. My ability to be able to recognize chords and outline them has come in great strides as well as my ability to play more notes outside of the basic skeleton which has added a lot to my playing. I can now spend hours playing along with just single jazz tracks trying to find the best bassline without getting bored and just exploring the tune in depth in order to see what I can add to it." - Bill Lamb, United Kingdom

"Cliff's lessons were comprehensive! He gave me all the information I needed and more, and he was very clear in his explanations. I think the most useful thing for me was the degree of flexibility he offered and his ability to hone in on what matters most to you in your desire to learn." - Kofi Boafo, United Kingdom

"I played the bass on and off for almost 40 years. I was pretty much self-taught but had a basic understanding of music theory and a couple of other instruments. I was playing professionally, but I was in a rut and not adding the kind of value I wanted to the music. In retrospect, I wish I had run across Cliff years ago. The structure and organization he provided in his lessons was based on what I wanted and needed to learn to go to the next step. With all of the feedback he provided in his audio tapes, e-mail, and chatroom, it was as good, if not better, than having the instructor sitting there next to me. I am convinced that structure, organization, and a good grounding in theory liberate your creative processes. Cliff definitely helped me in that area. I highly recommend Cliff's approach to bassists who are aspiring to be more than just an "average" player." - Mike Bradley, Arizona

"After being frustrated for so long about the repetitive nature of my playing, I decided to find a serious method for learning music on the bass as opposed to just playing licks. Cliff's lessons really put the music on the fretboard for me. They were tailored according to my specific needs and goals, and they were extremely well presented. Theory was explained thoroughly and in a manner that clearly related to bass playing and improvising. What I found most impressive about Cliff's lessons was that an emphasis was put on a clear and thorough understanding of chord/scale relationships and note choices. He helped me to break out of my pattern-based rut and really start to think about why and exactly what I was playing. Furthermore, Cliff promptly and enthusiastically answered any questions regarding the lessons whether it was in his chatroom or via e-mail." - Ken Lim, Australia

"As a health professional, I have a limited amount of time I can dedicate to playing and practicing my bass. Cliff Engel's online bass lessons were perfect for me because I saved tons of time in traveling to and from lessons. Cliff individualized my program to the level I could learn at, and he included standard notation and MP3 play-alongs that I could download. Plus, he provided time to chat online to discuss my progress. At the same price of private lessons with a whole lot more, you'd be crazy not to take advantage of Cliff's online bass lessons. Thanks Cliff for making it a lot easier to stay in the groove!" - Richard Gibbon, Canada

"If you are serious about becoming a better bass player, call Cliff Engel! Before signing up for Cliff's lessons, I was teaching English in South Korea. I could not find a bass teacher, and I was becoming very frustrated with my progress as a bass player. I lacked direction. Cliff put me on the path to becoming the best bass player I could be. He went above and beyond my expectations. His professionalism and knowledge helped me improve immediately. For the first time, I had confidence that what I was practicing was making me better. If I had any questions, I simply wrote them down and asked Cliff during our weekly online chat session. I can't say enough about Cliff. He is a great teacher. Check him out and you are going to get better." - Scott Noftall, South Korea

"Over twenty years ago, I left music school, stopped playing in bands, and put away the bass, but I began playing again and rediscovered my passion for the instrument. In those intervening years, my chops had disappeared, and I discovered that the nature of bass playing, the technology employed, and quality and types of instruments available had totally changed. I needed a teacher to focus my practice to quickly regain what I had lost, to learn the new styles and techniques, and to learn about everything else that had changed. With my chaotic schedule, online lessons seemed worth a try. Based on other testimonials, my expectations for Cliff Engel's product were pretty high. To my delight, he exceeded all of my expectations. The materials were professionally presented, the audio explanation was thorough and easily understood, and he even provided video and audio clips to demonstrate particular techniques, sounds, and feels covered in the lesson material. Cliff listened well to feedback and self-assessments of progress, answered any questions I might have, and tailored subsequent lessons to meet my needs. Just as importantly, he was a tremendous resource to help me understand new technology, instruments available, and changes in the music world itself. I thoroughly enjoyed the online process, my playing rapidly improved, and I feel like I now have a mentor, not just a teacher. Cliff provided a great product to me. You won't be disappointed!" - Darius Chagnon, California

"Once I started doing lessons by correspondence with Cliff, my bass playing improved immensely. I have been a musician for over 20 years and even have my degree in music. The only problem was that all of my musical training had been on trombone so when I decided to play bass, I had a dilemma. Where could I find a teacher that was competent enough to teach someone that had a pretty substantial background in music? Cliff completely exceeded all of my expectations. His lessons were so engaging and fit very well into what I wanted to work on. I would highly recommend his lessons to anyone on any level." - Justin McAdara, California

"I was stuck in a rut for years, and my practicing was almost pointless and without direction. I spent several years searching for a serious bass teacher that could give me the guidance that I needed and wanted. I came across Cliff's website, and he took me under his guidance. He showed me how to practice and how to make the best out of my time to get the best results. His lessons were very clear and informative, and he really put a lot of time and effort into making them the best that he could to suit my needs. He really motivated me to reach my goals, and after a few lessons, I could already see a huge improvement in my overall knowledge and attitude towards music and bass playing. To anyone seriously looking to improve as a bassist/musician, I highly recommend checking out Cliff's lessons by correspondence. It just may be the answer you've been looking for to get you out of that rut!" - Paul McDonald, Missouri

"After a couple years of self-teaching, I reached the point with my playing where I realized I needed help to really advance my playing. I took a few lessons with a couple of local "pro" players, purchased several good bass books and instructional videos, but it wasn't working. I needed an integrated plan of study from a real pro, someone who knows what it really takes to progress as a bass player. Cliff's website,, had always been a tremendous online resource and one I found very helpful. I read about his online lessons and thought why not because I had tried just about everything else. After an honest self-assessment and description of my goals, Cliff developed a personalized plan of study that addressed my needs. It started off pretty easy but got challenging very quickly. The charts, play-along MP3's, and theory notes he provided were of excellent quality and better than most of the books I had bought. More importantly, the lesson material was integrated in a structured manner just for me. As my needs evolved, Cliff listened and evolved with me. Cliff's "thing" is to give him a couple months of your time and a little effort, and he will help you become a better bass player. I did and he did! It doesn't get any better than that!" - Jeremy St. Pierre, Canada

"I started playing bass back in 1971 and played seriously with several groups until 1982. Then, I began re-living my youth and playing bass for a local band. Needless to say, a 20-year hiatus from serious playing left a good layer of rust on the chops. I found Cliff through an internet search and decided correspondence lessons could be the answer to removing the rust as well as fit into my busy schedule. Not only did Cliff deliver, but he far exceeded my expectations. I learned more about bass playing and music theory in a couple of months than ever before. The rust disappeared! Great information, great format, great value. Give Cliff a try. You will not be disappointed!" - Bill Eggert, Colorado

"When I signed up for Cliff's lessons, I told him exactly where I was at musically and what I wanted to improve on. He then devised a lesson plan and we were underway in no time. After only 3 lessons, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my playing and whole approach to music and bass. I wholeheartedly recommend Cliff's lessons. They are fantastic value for the money!" - Phil Wood, United Kingdom

"I must say that the main benefit I took from Cliff's program was something that is difficult to achieve alone - keeping consistent without giving up. With a new lesson coming every other week, it kept the march at a proper pace, and the chat and e-mail played a significant role in solving difficulties. I could clearly see my improvement. Thanks for everything!" - Antonio Alonso, Spain

"I started taking lessons with Cliff after I moved to Ireland, and I was very impressed with the service that he offered. He always responded to any questions very quickly with personalized answers, and he tailored each lesson to suit my interest and ability. After I started lessons with Cliff, I noticed a considerable improvement in my bass playing and have also set myself a more strict practice routine to follow. Cliff had a wide range of material which he freely referred to in our lessons and was able to send copies of any notated examples. One of the main advantages that I have found was that I could work on the material at any time and did not need to assign a set time to attend lessons. That gave me the flexibility to practice whenever I wanted to, and I was able to ask questions if I encountered difficulties in any of the material. Being able to replay any part of the lesson was also very useful in increasing my understanding." - Andy Royle, Ireland

"After 4 years away from my bass, I finally had time and began to play again. Being self-taught like many bass players, I had never learned to read music or understand theory. I searched around but there were no instructors available in the vicinity as I live in a small town in the Midwest. Also, time for lessons would be a problem if they were available because I am a busy parent and physician. Skeptical, I checked into different websites for online instruction and thought Cliff's program suited my needs the best. I was quickly pleased with Cliff's personal approach to my needs and playing ability. The instructional material was excellent and his audio clips explaining each lesson's material and goals were outstanding. My playing improved, and I finally learned music theory and how to read music. I would highly recommend Cliff's online lessons to anyone interested in improving their bass playing skills. With his lessons, you truly feel that Cliff has taken a personal interest in improving your understanding of the bass. He is a great instructor. Sign up. You will be pleased that you did!" - Dominick Ervelli, Iowa

"I started learning to play the doublebass at school and later took up the electric bass along with it. I taught myself for a long time and quickly realized that I would need a teacher other than myself to help me advance. I went to the local big-name music stores and signed up for lessons only to discover that the teachers weren't qualified for the job. They knew the information but couldn't efficiently transfer it to me. The result was a waste of my money and time. When I started lessons with Cliff, I immediately changed the way I approached practicing and was given a solid foundation before moving to the next topic. The two-week posting cycle really worked, and the included audio files made the lesson feel more natural. Cliff answered any questions I had and really helped me to understand how and why certain concepts work. If you're tired of having to deal with guitar players trying to teach you to play bass for premium rates, give Cliff's lessons a try, and you won't be disappointed!" - Chad Shores, North Carolina

"Anyone looking to improve as a player or musician should consider Cliff's lessons by correspondence program. I struggled for some time to find a knowledgeable instructor until I stumbled across Cliff's website. I was extremely pleased with all the information and detailed explanations of various topics and techniques. The lessons were specifically geared toward my own individual goals and interest as a bass player, and Cliff is a valuable resource, a fellow player who you can ask about techniques, problems, or other areas of your music." - Stephen Paris, Missouri

"I would like to thank Cliff for offering lessons over the web. It offered guys like me, in the middle of the Midwest with very few teachers of a professional caliber available to us, the chance to study with a pro. How do you go about becoming a better bass player and musician when there are no teachers in your area you can learn from? Easy, shoot Cliff Engel an e-mail. From lesson #1, he had me thinking and playing. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to access lessons of that quality from a location where that kind of thing is not normally accessible." - Wes Watson, Indiana

"I had been playing bass for about ten years. Being self-taught, I had always been leery of taking lessons locally because most of the people here were guitar players teaching bass. After signing up to take lessons online with Cliff, I was very uncertain of what to expect. Upon the arrival of my first lesson, I couldn't believe the amount and quality of the information that I received. Not only did I have written material but the audio that was included was much more than I ever expected. What amazed me was that all the information was geared toward exactly what I told Cliff I wanted to learn. There was no filler or unwanted information." - Jack Cunningham, Indiana

"After a couple of months of attempting to "teach myself," I quickly reached a plateau and found myself floundering. I needed some direction if I was going to progress any further. I couldn't fit regularly-scheduled lessons into my routine due to my job demands. Discovering Cliff Engel was just what I needed. Although a little skeptical of the correspondence method at first, from the very first lesson it was clear that Cliff was a dedicated instructor that provided personalized lessons to his students, focusing on their needs and goals rather than simply providing a generic "one-size-fits-all" course. When I listened to Cliff's audio files, it was as if he was sitting right across from me. He referred to me by name, he answered my questions from the previous lesson, and he kept my attention from start to finish. My skill level improved tremendously after enrolling in Cliff's program. Thanks Cliff for providing such a great service to the bass student community!" - Joe Fillmer, North Carolina

"Cliff's lessons were great. With my schedule, I had trouble being somewhere at the same time every week. Cliff solved that problem because I could download my lesson any time. The lessons were tailored specifically to my goals and needs. Cliff obviously listened carefully to everything I had to say before he put together a plan, and he was always very prompt in replying to any questions I might have. I've noticed quite a bit of progress in my playing." - Marc Hildenberger, Pennsylvania

"Cliff's lessons were excellent. They were very comprehensive, challenging, well presented, and backed up with as much support as you could ask for. They were by far the best lessons I have ever had either with a personal tutor or over the internet." - David Hassell, New Zealand

"Cliff's material was great and professional. His teaching system was perfect for me because I could play the audio files whenever I wanted to. Furthermore, I had the ability to ask him any questions by e-mail or in his chatroom. I'm glad that I found Cliff's program, and I achieved my goals with his help." - Peter Jung, Germany

"Being self-taught and having played bass for 30 years with just a limited understanding of music theory, I felt like I was not playing well enough most of the time. After I watched Cliff's videos on the internet, I knew right away he was the kind of teacher that could improve my playing ability and knowledge of theory. After just three lessons with Cliff, I felt like I had been studying for three months with him because of the custom, tailor-made lessons that he planned for me, and the lesson texts were all detailed enough to let me understand how to apply it. Cliff's lessons were worth every penny!" - Gabe Yim, Canada

"Cliff's lessons really helped me better my musical skills because he concentrated on the points I wanted to learn. I liked the detailed explanations he provided within each lesson. I would really recommend them to anyone who wants to learn seriously about the bass." - Christian Laguna, Mexico City

"I highly recommend Cliff Engel's bass lessons. I know that anyone can teach but not everyone is a teacher. To be a teacher you need to have the ability to listen and really hear what your student needs. Cliff is definitely a teacher and a great one at that!" - Michael Brooks, Connecticut

"Cliff's lessons were well organized in "bite-size" portions which made improvement gradual but sure. Cliff was helpful with questions, and he managed to unlock the key to distant learning for the bass!" - Cheng Ann Tan, Singapore

"Cliff's bass lessons by correspondence program could be very useful to anyone at any playing level. My goal was to improve sight reading and improvisation, and Cliff understood exactly how to help me." - Davide Cordioli, Italy

"Cliff's lessons were beneficial to me and just as if I was in a face-to-face session with a teacher at far less cost. The multimedia items that were supplied with each lesson were made just for me and not presented as generic material. The lessons took me from a person who could only play by ear to being able to read scores. I would recommend this structure to anyone." - Rob Roseworne, Australia

"I'd recommend Cliff's lessons to any serious players that want to learn how to really play bass. Cliff's lessons are not your "play-bass-in-an-hour" kind of lessons. These are real lessons!" - Juan Albarran, Indiana

"I was really skeptical about starting correspondence lessons. Being literally on the other side of the planet, I would never have the opportunity to meet my teacher and ask a couple of questions face to face. On the other hand, what did I have to lose? After all, Cliff's lessons were very reasonably priced. Each lesson consisted of the proper material to practice including scores, MP3 play-alongs, and an audio file that typically lasted between 30-45 minutes where Cliff explained all of the lesson material in great detail. If I had any problems with the lesson material, we could schedule a live chat session between the lessons every couple of weeks. Even though we lived on opposite sides of the planet, our correspondence lessons felt like private lessons." - Alexandros Masmanidis, Greece

"Cliff's lessons were very thorough, and the amount of material I received with each lesson was way more than I would ever get in a 30-minute lesson with the guy at the local guitar shop." - Jason Smith, South Carolina

"Cliff's lessons are a must for all serious bass players. I learned more in a couple lessons from him than I did in over a year of learning on my own." - Keith Duke, Ireland

"I was very impressed with Cliff's organization and presentation skills. He definitely has the teaching thing down which I know from experience is a whole other set of skills apart from actually being a great player. My bass professor at the local university was a great player and a great guy, but he couldn't teach water to be wet or a rock to be hard. I'm really glad to have found a competent teacher like Cliff!" - Steve Perry, Canada

"I have tried several online bass lessons, and what made Cliff's lessons stand out above the rest was his genuine ability to personalize them. From the very beginning, Cliff took the time to get to know where my skill level was and what my goals were. He then tailored the lessons to meet my specific goals. With each new lesson, I received an audio track where Cliff briefly reviewed the previous lesson material and then explained the new material. It really made the whole experience much more like sitting with an instructor in a one-on-one environment. I highly recommend Cliff's lessons to anyone wanting to better themselves as an all-around musician." - Greg Thill, California

"Cliff's tuition had absolutely instant results for me. From the very first lesson, he helped me appreciate the significance of good technique. Cliff encouraged me to modify my playing technique and mute strings in a slightly different way from before and what a result! My speed, accuracy, and overall sound improved by at least 20%, and this truly revolutionized my playing. With Cliff's inspiring help, I was able to sketch my first solo album. I feel privileged to have been one of Cliff's students, and I'll certainly be returning for more lessons because his enthusiasm and knowledge is such an amazing resource to have at any time!" - Richard Moore, United Kingdom

"I tried so many improvisation books that failed to really help me improve my soloing. Some of the books that I tried were cool, but they were generally just a collection of licks and chord progressions and didn't go into much detail regarding the different scales you could use. Cliff's lesson material was amazing because there was no misunderstanding anywhere. Cliff just told it as it was and gave examples to reinforce the concepts." - Russell Snyder, Florida

"With just a few months of lessons, I felt that Cliff took me to another level and made me more of a complete player. The course of study that Cliff designed for me was awesome." - Steve Lowe, Tennessee

"Cliff's lessons were very useful. The lessons were very easy to understand and easy to download from his website. Cliff always had the kind of information I needed to improve my playing, and he was always available to answer all my questions." - Stefano Colasanti, Italy

"These lessons were a great way to learn to play the bass." - David Nesbitt, Alabama

"Many thanks for all your hard work, experience, and expertise that you are passing on to others. It is truly wonderful. I have enjoyed working through your "Jazz Bass Lines" and "Music Theory For Bass" courses." - Jim Henry, Ireland

"Although I only had a few lessons, Cliff pointed me in the right direction and gave me enough confidence to progress with my own musical development. Before the lessons, a lot of things were unclear, but Cliff really explained things well." - Michael Walker, Germany

"Cliff's dedication to the task is amazing. I found the lesson texts particularly interesting and informative. The presentation of material was really impressive. I now have a lot of new information that I am trying to assimilate, and you can bet that I will be returning for subsequent lessons." - Mervyn Crichlow, Trinidad

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