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In this archive of free online bass lessons, I have posted a collection of instructional documents that I have written over the years which span various areas of contemporary and traditional bass playing including technique, theory, sight reading, bass line construction, improvisation, and soloing. These free online bass lessons will enhance your skills, increase your performance opportunities, and broaden your understanding of the language of improvisation along with the techniques and theories that are crucial to your success as a working bassist.

Most of the lessons in this archive have been excerpted directly from my Bass Courses. If you enjoy the content contained in these lessons and would like to delve much deeper into technique, theory, sight reading, bass line construction, improvisation, and soloing, please consider checking out my Bass Courses.

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Contemporary Techniques

  • Techniques Checklist
  • Michael Manring - "Purple Haze"
  • Michael Manring - "Suite No. 1 In G Major"
  • Marcus Miller - "Intro Duction"
  • Alain Caron - "Donna Lee"
  • Alain Caron - "Wake Up Call"
  • Alain Caron - "Freedom Jazz Dance"
  • Victor Wooten - "Latin Groove"
  • Todd Johnson - "Bye, Bye Blackbird"
  • Ray Riendeau - "Ornithology"
  • Now's The Time
  • Freddie Freeloader

  • Music Theory For Bass

  • Passing Notes
  • Music Theory Quiz
  • Staff Paper

  • Sight Reading For Bass

  • Sight Reading Checklist
  • Rhythm Studies - Quarter, Eighth, Eighth-Note Triplet & Sixteenth Notes

  • Jazz Bass Lines

  • Ron Carter - "Now's The Time"
  • Ray Brown - "Sculler Blues"
  • Paul Chambers - "Giant Steps"

  • Soloing Techniques

  • John Patitucci - "Giant Steps"
  • John Coltrane - "Giant Steps"
  • Sonny Stitt - "Au Privave"
  • Sonny Stitt - "Blues Walk"
  • Sonny Stitt - "C-Jam Blues"
  • Sonny Stitt - "Walkin'"
  • Sonny Stitt - "I'll Remember April"
  • Charlie Parker - "Now's The Time"
  • David Sanborn - "Run For Cover"
  • Wynton Kelly - "Freddie Freeloader"

  • Play-Along Tracks

  • The 12-Bar Blues In All 12 Keys (Advanced)
  • The 12-Bar Blues In All 12 Keys (Sustained Seventh Chords)
  • Chord Progressions - ii-V-I's In All 12 Keys
  • Chord Progressions - I-VI-ii-V's In All 12 Keys
  • Seventh Chords In All 12 Keys
  • Jazz Blues Drums (5 Choruses With Real Drums)
  • Brushes Drums (Two-Feel & Soloing With Real Drums)
  • Jazz Drums (Real Drums)
  • Rock, Pop & Blues Drums (Real Drums)
  • Funk Drums (Real Drums)
  • Latin Drums (Real Drums)
  • 50 Funk, Fusion, Rock & Shuffle Midi Drums
  • Sticks (Metronome)

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